Our Frequently asked questions :

How close are our replicas to the authentics ?

Our replicas are exactly like authentics, inside and out.

How does the shoes fit ?

The 350s and 950s fit about 1/3 size bigger, the 750s fit true to size.

How much is shipping ?

Shipping is 22$ for the 350s and 25$ for the 750s & 950s.

What currency is it ?

All currencies are in US Dollars.

How long does shipping take ?

Usually 2 days for handling and 5-8 days before delivery, depending your location.

Where are they shipped from ?


What carrier are they shipped with ?

We ship our packages through EMS.

Is there any problem with customs ?

No, We mark all the packages as a gift, so customs don't even have to check what is inside them.

Though every country is different so we do not guarantee that there is going to be no import taxes, that is the buyer's responsability!

Do you accept PayPal ?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to sell replicas with PayPal.

Do you have more pictures ?

You can see more pictures in our Instagram page.

Do you ship worldwide ?


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